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Silvia Fermo

General Director

Jéssika Rabello

Educational coordinator

Rossi Fermo

General coordinator

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Turma Bem-te-vi

In the group “Bem-te-vi”, with ages from 3 years and ½ to 4 years and ½., The classes for this age group are very playful and fun, with Brazilian children's songs, circle songs, storytelling and Brazilian legends. We use educational toys to help reinforce everyday vocabulary learning.

Teacher: Luci Rocha

Assistant: Leide Estrada

Turma Beija-Flor

In our “Beija-flor” group, aged 4 years and ½ to 5 years and ½,

the activities involve Brazilian children's music, stories and games. As they are already in the literacy phase at the regular school, they begin to learn the sounds and spellings of letters and the formation of words, still in a very playful way, everyone learns having fun. The drawings and paintings are already more elaborate and the use of writing begins in a very subtle way.

Teacher: Ana Bonfá

Assistant: Eliana Souza

Turma Colibri

In our “Colibri” class, aged 5 years and ½ to 7 years, we continue our students' literacy process, with games, music, games with words and small phrases. Our reading project focuses on arousing the interest of our students in stories in Portuguese. Pedagogical activities are done in an objective and playful way to expand vocabulary and knowledge of Brazilian culture.

Teacher: Ana Molinari Zeidani

Assistant: Manuela Machado

Turma Canarinhos

In the “Canarinhos” class, aged 7 to 8 ½ years, students are able to develop writing and reading in Portuguese more easily. Always with many creative and engaged activities, they expand their vocabulary and improve fluency in the spoken language.

Teacher: Rosana Fernandes

Assistant: Sophia Fermo

Turma Sabiás

In the Sabiás class, aged 8½ to 10 years old, students start learning Portuguese grammar, such as accentuation rules and verbal conjugations. Always with a lot of creativity and games, everyone is encouraged to read, write and speak in Portuguese.

Teacher: Luana Caron

Assistant: Francielli Santos

Teacher: Érika de Oliveira

Turma Pica-Paus

In the “Pica-Paus” class, aged 10 to 12, students are already able to develop longer texts, as they have a richer and more diverse vocabulary. This age allows the development of the Portuguese language to be more profound, favoring debates and discussions on any type of subject.

Teacher: Taymara Dias

Teacher: Leticia Booker

Turma Papagaios

In the class "Papagaios", aged 12 to 15 years old. Students are already well articulated in Portuguese and are able to develop elaborate texts, with a sophisticated vocabulary. In this class, our students are preparing to take the GCSE exam in Portuguese language.

Teacher: Paula Aguiar

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Teacher Taymara Dias

Assistant Leticia Booker

Teacher Ana Bonfá

Assistant Sophia Fermo

Teacher Luci Rocha

Assistant Leide Estrada

Assistant Eliana Souza

Master E, T.

André Vieira

Instructor Minhoquinha

Ingrid Santos

Teacher Paula Aguiar

Teacher Luana Caron

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