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We offer our students 2 hours of Portuguese as a Heritage Language class and an hour of extra activity among the options below:

Ages 2½ to 5½


Led by the teachers of the Corujinhas, Bem-te-vi and Beija-Flor classes, this project aims to encourage the acquisition of new vocabulary as well as the use of new words in context. With stories and activities appropriate for their age, students continue to improve their language and prepare for the next stage in their journey at the Club.

Ages 6 to 12


Led by Mestre ET (André Vieira) and instructor Minhoquinha (Ingrid Santos), students in the Capoeira class have the opportunity to practice Portuguese with these professionals who apply their many years of experience in teaching capoeira in Brazil and Europe, bringing music, movements and culture for the students' universe. An incredible experience with learning beyond

Ages 6 to 10

Science Club

Reinforcing the idea that the use of the Portuguese language goes beyond the four walls of the school, the science club seeks to provide an environment for research and learning where scientific vocabulary is introduced in a contextualized and fun way. Our students make fantastic discoveries!!


Ages 10 to 15

STEAM Club - Sustainability

The STEAM Club - Sustainability aims to engage students in fantastic discoveries. We hope to inspire and increase our students' vocabulary and knowledge and see them shine with the new possibilities that activities like this provide.  


Ages 5½ to 12

Theater / Musicalization

This project has as main objective the development of confidence in the communication and oral expression of our students. The group prepares with theater exercises by putting together small scenes and an annual play that is performed for parents and students at a special event.

Ages 13 to 15


The GCSE Club offers our teenagers support to prepare to take the GCSE exams in Portuguese in a very fun and ludic way. Students improve their knowledge of the Portuguese language, exam dynamics, with simulations and tests that are supervised by the teacher.

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