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The beggining
Clube dos Brasileirinhos was founded in 2009 by a group of 3 Brazilian mothers determined that their children would learn to speak, read and write in Portuguese and also learn more about their Brazilian identity.
Since then, the Clube has expanded and flourished, taking a very clear direction, with the aim of offering classes in Brazilian Portuguese as a heritage language for children in a fun environment. We have a formidable team of teachers, assistants and support team dedicated entirely to conveying a little about Brazil in the UK.
It has been an arduous journey, but we fully appreciate and embrace it when we see our Brasileirinhos flourish with the quality of our project, which today is recognized and continues to stand out in London.

Portuguese language teaching method
Our classes are for bilingual British-Brazilian children (sometimes multilingual, aged 2 and ½ to 15 years old) who live in the UK. Our methods are varied, but always dynamic, stimulating, playful and fun. We explore folklore themes such as: music, art, literature and theatre, but with a strong emphasis on language acquisition, which is complemented by projects such as: a Reading Project, (we have a small library), Art projects and musical and theatre performances, among others.

Portuguese as a Heritage Language (POLH)
We teach Portuguese as a heritage language (POLH), recognizing that most of our children were born and are being raised outside Brazil, often with little experience or regular contact with Brazil and our culture. Therefore, their language skills are acquired differently, since they are initially not fully bilingual and do not learn in a traditional foreign language teaching format.
We recognize that, although our students may have two nationalities on paper, their language skills can often vary when they come to us. This can be due to a variety of factors: frequency of both languages ​​within the home environment, contact with the Brazilian community and learning resources and materials made available to the child. Consequently, our goal is to explore and expand your daily reality as small citizens with "one foot in Brazil" while the other is firmly "cemented" due to their daily life in the UK.

The Club's main objective is to bring a small piece of Brazil once a week to children so that their language skills and cultural ties can flourish within a caring, fun and dedicated environment.

Our team
The 'Teach and Learn' team (the teachers and assistants) work from an adapted curriculum, which is changed annually. Each academic year, a theme is chosen for the general curriculum, which is then expanded.

Recognition of our work
Winner of the 2013 Brazilian Press Awards for: Teaching the Portuguese Language
Nominees of the 2014 Brazilian Press Awards for: Institution that promotes a Brazilian culture in the United Kingdom - encouraging the promotion of the Portuguese language

Our work has been documented twice by Canal TV Londres.

Participation in the documentary: A Language as Inheritance (Cisco Lab)






Arts Award Center
Since 2019 Clube dos Brasileirinhos is a recognized center for the Arts Award.
Through the work of our Arts Awards Adviser, Clube dos Brasileirinhos offers its students (from 5 years old) the opportunity to participate in an art form and receive a certificate recognized by Trinity College.
In June 2019 at our celebration party for the Club's 10th anniversary, we were pleased to welcome the London Museum representative Sarita Mamseri and present our students with their certificates.


Quality Mark - NRCSE
In December 2019, Clube dos Brasileirinhos received the official Quality Mark seal that is offered by the NRCSE (National Resource Center for Supplementary School). The Quality Mark seal is only offered to schools that pass the NRCSE thorough inspection and that certify that our school has all the documentation, training, staff, organization, management and teaching above the expected standard.
We are a family owned and operated business.

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